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Clinical education has many purposes. Most of us engage in Clinical education to achieve an academic goal. Sometimes it is to face a job interview. Maybe it is to get better adapted to one’s work environment. In any case, many young professionals that studies whilst working do not have the time or the space in their busy schedules to follow long and detailed clinical lessons from A to Z. A majority would prefer to obtain a specific block of knowledge/skills in a brief study period, which would fill a gap in their knowledge quickly, efficiently, and entirely. Unfortunately, many educational resources already available do not address this need. They are not specific, efficient, or targeted. They do not take into account what the candidate already knows. They are unidirectional and theoretical.

Clinicalscope, therefore, was created as a platform that showcases courses that address all of the above shortcomings. Clinicalscope is an instrument that you can use to identify and selectively fill the gaps in clinical knowledge that would cater for a specific purpose. It is an instrument that you can use for clinical job interviews. It can complete the exam-specific knowledge gaps in our armoury. It is an instrument that helps you to survive challenging clinical environments in your career.

To achieve these objectives, Clinicalscope develops content with the collaboration of experienced Clinicians who have worked in different international settings with long years of practical and exam-oriented experience, medical educationists who apply the modern and tested theories of education for optimal effectiveness, and health informaticians who use the latest technologies to enhance the learning experience. Therefore, your learning experience will be evidence-based, effective, and custom-tailored, which will generate a lasting impact with maximum retention.

Clinicalscope is an evolving platform. We are interested in achieving perfection and completion. Therefore, we would evolve our content using more global experience and evidence-based practices. Hence, we warmly welcome like-minded professionals to join us. As long as you are creative, innovative and interested in providing a student-centred learning experience using your clinical expertise, we are more than happy to provide a space for you in our robust and reliable platform. Please feel free to contact us using the links below.